I spent much of today dealing with Rachel Loden’s book, which is being overhauled — she’s sending me a new Word file to edit with rearranged poems, a new poem, and complete acknowledgments, dedications, etc. We exchanged several e-mails and then had a half-hour conversation by telephone trying to figure out how to go. She wants, also, to hire a publicist to help her promote the book since she is not comfortable planning that on her own and I have given her all the help I can. It’s on my to-do list — Lytton Smith is in this business, I believe, and I’ll drop him an e-mail.

Over the weekend, I updated Charles O. Hartman’s web page with three MP3’s he’d recorded of him reading three of the poems from his book. I also added a link to an interview Brigitte Byrd did with Oranges and Sardines.

On the academic side, I wrote a little paper for my own ENGL532 class, since the person whose paper was due today has dropped the class. Title: “We Have Met the Enemy, and They Is Us: The Troubled and Pressured Pronoun in the Later Works of Juliana Spahr.” I’d assigned two respondents to each paper, and they needed a paper to respond to . . . therefore, I trotted out my academic prose style.

Spending today refreshing myself on Anne Carson’s Autobiography of Red. I don’t remember its being so sad. I remembered the funnier parts — Geryon and his mother, and his autobiography in sculpture. Such a pleasure to sit and read with a nice cup of coffee over in the library!

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